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3 Incredible Benefits Montessori Toys Offer To Your Child

When looking for toys that foster a child’s development, there are three things to remember—education, engagement and entertainment. Montessori Toys focus on those qualities to help your child to develop core characteristics that will be fundamental as they mature.

Researchers have compared children across educational programs and found that those in Montessori programs were helped in 3 major ways:


Montessori education is a pathway to creativity and some of the greatest innovators of today have a Montessori background.

Researchers have compared children across educational programs and found that those in Montessori programs scored higher on levels of creativity.

Creativity is a skill that can be cultivated in the earliest years by a child’s environment. The best environments are thoughtfully designed to include a rich selection of developmentally appropriate materials that inspire learning through playful exploration.


When given the right tools, babies impress us with their capabilities – from feeding themselves to mastering a challenging toy. Montessori fosters independence and self-direction through the thoughtful design of each toy, the layout of the play space, and the way the adult interacts with the young one.

When children are given independence, they develop self-confidence and resilience. Studies show that when children have more control over their learning they work harder, perform better, retain more information and are more creative and joyful.


Children learn best when the task in front of them doesn’t bore them with simplicity or frustrate them with difficulty, but falls somewhere in between.

The Montessori curriculum is thoughtfully designed and timed so that children stay in this rewarding zone where the challenge is just right. When each new toy is introduced, the child struggles with the new skill at hand, practicing and then mastering it. This develops healthy self-esteem and a “growth mindset,” the understanding that they can improve their skills and increase their intelligence if they work through challenges.

Children with this state of mind persevere longer on challenging tasks, a habit that leads to greater success in school, careers, and relationships.

Did you know about Montessori toys and its benefits?

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