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Going on a Car or Airplane Trip? Check out these Montessori toys for your child

When planning a long trip with a child, one of those things easily overlooked is whether the child has something to do to keep them entertained during the road journey or the time flying. A Montessori Toy can easily solve this problem and keep the attention of the young one, while fostering important skills for your child’s development.  All in all, these selected toys improve the whole trip experience.

But of course, not every toy can be brought on a trip. You need something portable, light, that won’t be a hassle to deal with later on. So, we selected a few toys that we think are just perfect to bring on a plane or in a car.


Math Educational Toy

The design of this number board is excellent for teaching essential foundations of math. It doesn't take up much space and is beautifully illustrated. Teach simple addition and subtraction calculations to lay the foundation for learning mathematics in the future.

Exposing mathematics to the preschool baby game can make learning mathematics easy and simple, and mathematics learning in the future will be more effective.

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Wooden Fruit String Maze Toy

A simple string maze to help your child develop and refine fine motor skills. A hands-on toy that plays right into the child’s imagination. It is small and fits anywhere, perfect for any trip.

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Baby Sensory Busy Board

Designed for small hands, it encourages children to develop problem-solving skills and perseverance while playing. The busy panel is made of lightweight non-woven fabric and soft felt wool, so your child can carry it easily and safely.

It makes your child learn and development lifelong skills through a series of interactive games, while being very portable and easy to carry around.

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Wooden Busy Block Children Montessori

If the child is into playing with all sorts of stuff around the house, this set is the perfect gift to they play safely and help develop their fine motor skills.

Kids are always dazzled when given real things, making this board appealing to busy young learners, while being extremely easy to carry and to store it safely after play.

One of the best toys for a long trip with a child that demands constant interaction.

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Cute Montessori Wooden Camera

This one has everything to do with trips! Make your child photograph everything with his or her imagination.

Our bodies, minds, and spirits enjoy play experiences because they enrich our lives through engagement with others and our environments. With this simple wooden camera, children of all ages can take wonderful imaginary photos wherever they go.

The parents are probably already carrying a camera when going on vacation, so nothing fairer that the child having one as well!

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Did you like our selection? The focus on this list is toys that are educational, fun and yet portable and easy enough to carry to take on a trip. If you want more options of amazing educational toys, feel free to check in our virtual store. Click here to see more.

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