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How to develop math skills in kids at an early age

Mathematics is something considered hard by meaning and that we usually associate with school and homework. But did you know children use math naturally throughout their daily routines and plays, and that we can foster this skill set to improve right decision-making ability, problem-solving skills, and cognitive development?

Even before they start school, most children develop an understanding of addition and subtraction through everyday interactions. If you have a doll and you add another doll, now you have two. Shapes, numbers, patterns, are all naturally recognized through play and fun! More advanced mathematical skills are based on those early “foundation”, and the stronger your child’s foundations the easier will be to learn more advanced and complex skills at school.

So how you can foster this natural develop and strengthen the knowledge of your child on those basic skills?

Sorting toys

These toys are thought and designed with the idea of helping your child differentiate between shapes, colours, numbers or objects. It is specifically useful in geometry and number recognition, fostering those skills early in the childhood.

Stacking toys

It makes the child learn about progression in what order thing should go. To build a pyramid, the base needs to be large and comes first. To stack this piece with that one, they need to fit together – helping with the idea of shape recognition.


Obviously, puzzles will work a lot in the development of shape recognition and spatial geometry. Some puzzles also require number knowledge, playing with numbers and their order.

Mathematical toys

These can come in the form of sorting, stacking, puzzle or even activity toys. They are toys designed specifically to teach math concepts like addition, subtraction, time recognition etc.

Math Toys can be great tools for early learning, help your child grow smart and have an easier time learning more advanced concepts at school.

Learning can be fun and using math can be even better! Check all sort of educational toys on our virtual store and get amazing toys to teach your children at home.


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