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Is it a good idea to give a smartphone to a child?

Giving smartphones to children can be a temptation to most parents. After all, it’s a device that will keep the child’s attention while they work, clean the house or finally relax, all without being interrupted by an extremely active being who seems to never run out of energy!

But, there are very good reasons to not do it - or at least wait a little while - and here we will discuss some of them.


The internet is a dangerous place, where the naiveness of a child can be easily exploited. Scammers, kidnappers and all sort of people are in the world wide web, and while an adult knows all about it and how to take the correct measures to avoid it, a child is too innocent and young to understand those concepts and could easily fall into traps of people with bad intentions.

In-game purchases

A child doesn’t have a very good understanding of money – and how hard is to earn it. Suddenly you may find yourself billed $200,00 on Fortnite or Roblox cosmetics because the child found it pretty and didn’t know the implications of their act.

Exposure to social media

Social media creates a world that doesn’t correspond to the reality. Everyone seems happy, rich, joyful and overall better than us. Social media is correlated with an exponential increase of cases of depression and social-anxiety.

That doesn’t mean it is all bad. Social media can connect you with friends, with people of different places and culture, and there is a ton of good content out there. But if even adults have problem at using social media correctly, imagine growing hooked and addicted to it.

Lack of sleep

Having a regular sleep cycle is of the utmost importance, specially when we are growing and developing our body and mind. Having a smartphone at his or her disposal will inevitably lead to your child using it during bed time and increasing the chances of it having a bad sleep schedule.

Lack of imagination

To think and create is always better than to just passively consume. Sure, there are games and activities online that can foster imagination and creativity, but overall, the of smartphones creates a passive individual consumes way more than it creates.

Lack of outdoor activity

Finally, people addicted to smartphones almost never go outside. Playing in the sun helps your child get their daily dose of vitamin D, improves their immunological system and makes your child grows healthier and stronger.

Also, obesity is one of the biggest problems of the 21st century, and the practice of sports and physical activities like running and jumping will help out in this aspect.

All of this doesn’t mean a child should never touch a smartphone. But having their own, at least at a very early age, should not be something to look out for. Children are better playing with their creativity and using their imagination. Smartphones, computers and videogames can be welcomed additions, but later on, after the child is mature enough to understand the responsibilities associated with it.

In this regard, fun and engaging educational toys can be a great ally to any mother or father. It helps children to develop the proper skills and to follow a healthy development cycle. Sitting with children and teaching them while playing will strengthen the bond between you two. Soon enough, the child will be more independent and will be able to play alone, without needing to be fixated on a screen.

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