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Montessori Toys are a great way to foster independence and development.

Toys that help with the development of motor skills are essential during the first years of childhood. We selected a wide variety and choice of toys that can help you foster this skill and enrich your child’s development in a fun way.


Children's Variety Manual Disassembly Toolbox

A 3D assembly with a variety of three-dimensional patterns, to enlighten and develop motor skills while learning and playing. Improve baby's imagination and hands-on ability by stimulating them to put together a variety of different animals, plants, numbers, and letters.

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Montessori Intelligent Multifunctional Walker Toy

This Montessori Walker Toy is a wooden educational toy for your toddler or baby to develop motor and sensorial skills. Great for learning how to walk.

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Wooden Rope Climbing Latter Indoor/Outdoor Playhouse

This 5 rungs rope climbing ladder with wooden struts and metal hook ring is good for outdoor play fun. The swing will provide kids with hours of outdoor fun all season long.

Great for kids to climb around outdoor, get into tree houses, or other role game playing! Perfect for children's balance, skills and strength training.

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Baby Montessori Busy Board

The parts are firmly connected to the card. No more worrying about the danger of choking or swallowing. Suitable for indoor and outdoor playing and learning. Helps parents find ways to encourage learning and development through a series of interactive development level games.

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Wooden Busy Block Children Montessori

If the child is into playing with all sorts of stuff around the house, this set is the perfect gift to they play safely and help develop their fine motor skills.

Kids are always dazzled when given real things, making this board appealing to busy young learners.

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Wooden Kids Musical Instruments Set

A set of musical instruments including 24pcs percussion toys to encourage your kid's ability to enjoy music and improve their sense of rhythm. A great way to entertain your kids.

Colourful appearance and lovely design makes this very attractive to children. Smooth surface, nice polish and compact size, safe and suitable for children to play with easily. Perfect gift for preschool kids, children or toddlers.

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Wooden Fruit String Maze Toy

A simple string maze to help your child develop and refine fine motor skills. A hands-on toy that plays right into the child’s imagination.

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Colourful Tangram 3D Wooden Puzzle

The colourful 3D puzzle is a classical representative of intellectual toys for children, adults, and the elderly, not only for brain practice but also for practicing using their hands.

It is useful for the development of people's logical thinking ability and exercise for fingers and hand muscles. You can also cultivate the spirit and patience of work and study.

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Educational Tetris Game 3D

Endless possibilities for kids building blocks!  Don’t be limited to the instructions only.  Try to figure out more solutions to make fantastic works of art.

Simplest design with bright colours helps to spark any imagination and creativity perfectly. Making shapes and patterns provides a way to practise fine motor skill, hand-eye coordination, even your kid’s spatial thinking.

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Wooden Baby Picking Apple Tree Math Game

This wooden bead toy is a great tool for arithmetic, fruit and colour recognition, hand-eye coordination and space thinking development

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