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Top 6 Best Montessori Toys Gifts

Montessori Toys are a great way to foster independence and development in young children.  They are the perfect gift for your child or for friends. We selected a few recommendations based on our experience, but you can look for others in our virtual store.


Math Educational Toy

The design of this number board is excellent for teaching essential foundations of math. It doesn't take up much space and is beautifully illustrated. Teach simple addition and subtraction calculations to lay the foundation for learning mathematics in the future.

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Three Pillar Wooden Stacking Tower

This one hits all the right notes for color identification, developing a sense of order and fine motor coordination. Perfect gift for a small child who is just learning the ways of the world around them.

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Wooden Busy Block Children Montessori

If the child is into playing with all sorts of stuff around the house, this set is the perfect gift for them to play safely and help develop their fine motor skills.

Kids are always dazzled when given real things, making this board appealing to busy young learners.

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Baby Sensory Busy Board

Designed for small hands, this board encourages children to develop problem-solving skills and perseverance while playing. The busy panel is made of lightweight non-woven fabric and soft felt wool, so your child can carry it easily and safely.

The parts are firmly connected to the card. No more worrying about the danger of choking or swallowing. Suitable for indoor and outdoor playing and learning.

Let children learn new skills while playing!

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Cute Montessori Wooden Camera

Our bodies, minds, and spirits enjoy play experiences because they enrich our lives through engagement with others and our environments. With this simple wooden camera, children of all ages can take wonderful imaginary photos wherever they go.

This classic toy is battery-free and powered by your child's imagination and creativity, it is a way for children to find joy. This simple and stylish toy with a cute design makes a great and unique gift idea for babies, toddlers, and children.

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Montessori Intelligent Multifunctional Walker Toy

Finally, we have something to help the development of walking while fostering other skills at the same time. This Montessori Walker Toy is a wooden educational toy for your toddler or baby to develop motor and sensorial skills. Great for learning how to walk.

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This is just a small part of our great selection of toys. You can find a wide range of toys to gift to any child, with safety and learning being the top priority, while still being incredibly fun.

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